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Ready to Install PVC-U Window and Door Systems

HİSARPEN, which is equipped with German technology and quality control laboratories in all European standards, repeats tests periodically for all produced profile systems.

In addition, air permeability, water tightness and wind load resistance within an artificial environment are measured.

Similarly, structural strength of corner weldings is measured by corner strength measuring device.

So, the window and door systems offer the user excellent comfort technology.

It is established on a total area of 15.000 m2 of which 8,000 m2 is a closed area. HİSARPEN has yearly production capacity of 256 tons and keeps enlarging its product range by closely following the developments in the market.

All PVC doors and windows manufactured in the company are produced with the German technology machines. It is provided that elements making up the window are produced in the same place with standard quality. This also gives confidence and guarantee to users. In addition, product, quality, and packaging standards are complied in all delivered countries in a most perfect form.

PVC-U Windows and Doors are produced standart and non-standart size.

For your order and price requests, please contact e-mail address.

Click here to view, ready to install standart size PVC-U Windows and Doors.




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